Pecorino Romano, Fulvi

Pecorino Romano, Fulvi

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Italy produces many varieties of pecorino, which is a catch-all term for sheep's milk cheeses. Pecorino Romano is the variant that was traditionally made in Lazio, the region encompassing Rome. 

The popularity of Pecorino Romano led to the production of the cheese in other regions of Italy, and over the years much of its production has shifted to Sardinia, where there are abundant sheep dairies. 

Fulvi is one of the last makers still producing this cheese in Lazio. They use full fat milk rather than partially skimmed Sardinian style, so the texture is less hard and dry. The salt content of Fulvi is also lower than Sardinian pecorinos. As a result, we love putting chunks of Fulvi pecorino on our cheese boards as much as we love grating it into our cacio e pepe. 


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