Upcoming Events

Pairing Event: Cheeses and Wines of France

Time: Thursday, November 16th, 7:00pm.

Location: Jersey Wine & Spirits

We all know the French think their cheeses and wines are the best. Are they right? Yea. They are. 

In this class we'll eat and drink some of that fine stuff together, and learn about it. We'll talk about history, the process by which these things are made, and the way certain wines and cheeses can elevate each other into ethereal territory. 

Five wines, five cheeses. 



Mommy & Brie

Time: Sunday, December 10th, 3pm

Location: Van Hook Cheese & Grocery

Did you recently have a baby? Did you miss cheese? Reward yourself for nine months of abstention by sampling the raw cheeses and cured meats in our case. This event will pair unpasteurized cheeses and cured meats from around the world. Non-meat options are available. Little ones more than welcome, as are fathers, co-parents, partners, etc.