Upcoming Events

American Cheeses + Wines Pairing Event

Time: Tuesday, August 22, 7:00pm

Location: Jersey Wine & Spirits

At this pairing event, we'll taste and learn about five cheeses and five wines all hailing from the good old US of A. Though we may not have a long history of producing the world's top cheeses or wines, that has been changing quickly in recent years. We'll discuss the history of cheese and winemaking in the states, and taste from regions across the country.

As we taste, you'll learn about the production techniques and flavor profiles of each cheese and wine, as well as the thought behind the pairing. 

This event is being held at Jersey Wine and Spirits. 



Cheese 101

Time: Wednesday, August 30, 7:00pm 

Location: Van Hook Cheese & Grocery

Love cheese, but intimidated by the array of options in the case? In this beginner's guide, we will taste through a range of styles from fresh to firm to bloomy, and talk about the texture and production process of each cheese. You will leave class knowing what you love and why you love it.